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10 Of The Best Vegetables To Buy In The Fall

Are you ready to enjoy some fall produce at the Hunts Point Produce Market? E. Armata Inc. has a vast selection of seasonal vegetables that will make your fall cooking delicious! The fall produce season is in full swing, so our team would like to share some of the best vegetables you can buy this time of year! Continue reading to learn more! 

10 Of The Best Vegetables To Buy In The Fall

The weather is getting cooler, and the time for the resurgence of fall favorites like pumpkin spice, Halloween treats, and fresh vegetables are finally here. This season is the perfect time to try out new recipes with fresh ingredients from the Hunts Point Produce Market. Look for these delicious fall vegetables at E. Armata Inc. this season:

  1. Mushrooms – Mushrooms are available throughout the year, but many wild mushrooms are more abundant during the fall. Fresh mushrooms make for a delightful addition to so many dishes! 
  2. Beets – Beets are back during the fall and winter seasons! Other root vegetables like carrots and radishes will elevate any fall dish. 
  3. Okra – Okra harvesting takes place during early fall! This vegetable is a staple in Southern cooking and can be enjoyed fried, stewed, or pickled! 
  4. Potatoes – Anything from sweet potatoes to Yukon Gold are in abundance throughout the fall and winter. Whip up some sweet potato pie or mashed potatoes for your family this fall. 
  5. Brussels Sprouts – Brussels sprouts are widely available throughout October and November. Roast them with some bacon and shallots to make a perfect Thanksgiving side dish!
  6. Cauliflower – There is so much you can do with cauliflower, and this vegetable provides many health benefits! Make pizza crust, rice, or mash it up to create low-carb dishes! 
  7. Pumpkins – Whether you prefer to make a pie, roast their seeds, or use them as decorations, pumpkins are a staple fall vegetable! 
  8. Onions – Onions are crucial in any kitchen and are even better during the fall! There are several varieties available at the Hunts Point Produce Market to spice up your cooking! 
  9. Squash – Many squash varieties are harvested in the fall, and these sturdy vegetables are staples for many cultures worldwide. This low-calorie and vitamin-packed vegetable is a versatile and filling option. 
  10. Leafy Greens (Arugula, Lettuce, Spinach, and Kale) – Get your family excited about eating more nutritious vegetables by finding new recipes for these delicious and hearty leafy greens. These are in peak season starting in late September and can be found throughout the winter months. 

From mushroom soup, mashed potatoes, mixed green salad, and sweet potato casserole, fall vegetables can help you create a variety of hearty fall dishes that will keep you healthy and happy all season long! 

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