E. Armata’s vision is to continue to be known for having the highest quality products, by rewarding integrity, honesty, diligence, fairness, hard work and innovation to create trust amongst our employees, grower/shippers and customers, resulting in continued expansion, customer loyalty and pride in our company.

To consistantly provide our customers with the best fruit and produce while building strong relationships with our grower/shippers, customers
and employees

“Our business is doing well only if the people we do business with
are doing well, too.”

Chris Lions

Our Values

  • Offering the highest quality fruit and produce
  • Rewarding integrity and honesty, both internally and externally
  • Fostering a work environment of diligence and hard work
  • Maintaining and continuing to build trust with our grower/shippers
  • Stimulating innovation for continued growth and improvement
  • Providing our customers with the best products and the best service possible
  • Continuing to be proud of our people and our company