No matter how you prepare them, potatoes have an easily palatable texture and taste. This doesn’t just apply to regular potatoes, being that sweet potatoes are just as delicious with a sweeter kick to them. At E.Armata, we source only the finest quality potatoes at our Hunts Point Market distribution center. Contact us here.

What makes a sweet potato so different from a regular potato? It isn’t just the fact that sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and regular potatoes are not. In fact, the nutritional content of a sweet potato vs. a regular potato is quite different. For some quick facts about the nutrients that regular and sweet potatoes provide, read on.

Sweet Potato Nutrition

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Sweet potatoes are a significant source of Vitamin A, with a medium-sized sweet potato averaging around four hundred and thirty-eight percent of your daily value (based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet). Vitamin A is known for the following health benefits:

  • Eye health support
  • Supports skin growth and repair
  • Protection from dangerous environmental free-radicals

For a great source of vitamin A, visit us at E. Armata, located in Hunts Point Market.

Regular Potato Nutrition

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Regular potatoes may actually have greater nutritional value than sweet potatoes. If you are looking for a wholesaler with a large selection of regular potatoes, contact us today for more information! Why? Medium-sized regular potatoes possess the following nutritional characteristics that medium-sized sweet potatoes do not:

  • Ten percent of your daily iron need can be found in a regular potato, while only four percent of your iron need is found in a sweet potato of the same size.
  • A greater amount of potassium than sweet potatoes
  • More protein (five grams of protein in a regular potato vs. two grams in a sweet potato).
  • A larger amount of carbohydrates (this is a benefit if you are looking to increase carb intake in your daily diet).

Whether or not the sweet potato is better tasting and more/less nutritional than a regular potato is ultimately up to you to decide, based on your individual needs and preferences. E. Armata is a produce distributor at Hunts Point Market. Contact us today to learn more.