Our family at E. Armata Inc. is happy to be one of the top providers of high-quality produce at the Hunts Point Market. Our vast assortment of fruits and vegetables are guaranteed to satisfy all palates. From the time of being a young child, everyone is told to eat fruits and vegetables as they contain nutrient properties that are key to longevity and vitality. In addition to this, they are also enriched with countless other benefits. The Hunts Point produce market is substantially saturated with an assortment of healthy foods, including E. Armata Inc.’s array of melons.

A melon is high in nutrition, can help to reduce blood pressure, boosts your immune system, and provides several other benefits. If you have been interested in visiting E. Armata Inc., we suggest you try our assortment of melons. Not only to experience our high-quality produce but to also attain their considerable health benefits.

The Benefits of Melon

While all of our fresh, delivered products contain quality nutrients, melons are particularly high in nutritional value. By consuming melons from the Hunts Point produce market, our customers can anticipate that they will receive the following nutritional benefits:

  • Nutrients: Melons have a high amount of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, and fiber. They also contain seeds which act as strong antioxidants with vitamin A.
  • Reducing blood pressure: Those who maintain a diet that incorporates a healthy amount of fruit and vegetables are typically at less risk of developing high blood pressure and heart disease. Consuming low-sodium foods with an average amount of potassium can aid your blood pressure.
  • Healthy bones: The nutrients that make up most melons contain the proper nutrients necessary to repair and build healthy bones. These substances include vitamin K, magnesium, and folate, all of which are critical to the supporting structures of human bones.
  • Skin: Due to melons’ high content in vitamin C, your skin will be able to absorb numerous benefits. Since vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, it can help protect your skin from sun damage and is able to help in repairing sensitive tissues.
  • Boosting your immune system: In order to properly function, the human immune system demands various nutrients – one critical component is vitamin C. The vitamin can prevent and treat various infections and complications.

Our Assortment

E. Armata Inc. carries a wide array of fruits and vegetables in addition to our highly sought after melon assortment. We offer watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, canary melon, Charentais melon, golden honeydew, Casaba melon, Galia melon, Crenshaw melon, Hami melon, and the Santa Claus melon. E. Armata is one of the largest providers for melons across the east coast. We have long-term partnerships with growers in Arizona, Central America, California, Texas, and Florida; all which supply us with the best quality melons.

Read more about our assortment and partnerships! Contact us if you are interested in our wholesale services of delivering fresh melons and other products, and be sure to visit us at the Hunts Point produce market today.

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