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Our produce distribution covers the entire country, as we are considered one of the largest produce distributors in the United States. If you’re interested in working with us, please visit our contact page for more information.

E. Armata’s tomato wholesale suppliers are backed by over 100 years of combined experience in purchasing, selling, and repacking tomatoes, and is regarded as one of the elite tomato houses in New York. Led by Louis Solomon, the tomato department is filled with enthusiasm and passion for the highest quality tomatoes. The qualified expertise of E. Armata’s tomato department has demonstrated a profound ability to seasonally source rounds and romas from California, Mexico, Florida, up the east coast, and into Canada. Proper handling of tomatoes is paramount, load temperature is delicately determined based on color and condition at the packing house, and then they are carefully repacked in our warehouse based on size and color to order! E. Armata is always focused on customer needs, and our tomato department is quintessential to this mission.

What Can Our Tomato Wholesale Suppliers Offer?

Roma TomatoesRoma

Our roma tomatoes are a form of tomato plum that is not only able to be delivered in cans but also in the form of tomato paste. They are considered one of the finest forms of Italian tomatoes and can be used in an abundance of different recipes. Many consider these roma tomatoes to be one of the very best in making tomato sauce as they are highly rich and very flavorful.


Round Tomatoe Wholesale Suppliers


The traditional round tomatoes offered here at Earmata are also a hot commodity when it comes to our produce distribution. They produce that classic tomato flavor that everyone loves. Good for using in both salads and for slicing and adding them to other recipes. If you’re interested, our distribution center in the Bronx, NY would be happy to have these delivered for you.


Grape Tomatoe Wholesale Suppliers


Naturally, grape tomatoes are smaller and offer a similar size and shape to grapes. With much less water, these tomatoes are a lot meatier on the inside and can have quite the delicious taste. They also have thicker skin than most tomatoes, which most customers from our produce center tend to enjoy. Overall, these are among our best sellers!

About E. Armata Inc. 

E. Armata currently works with 100s of grower/shippers.  We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with these growers/shippers over four generations; relationships that extend past the business table.

We have established trust with everybody involved in the process. From the grower – the first source of our business; to the trucker and the transportation of our products; to our employees – who do an excellent job handling our products and services. And above all, the customers who we can count on every day.  For our business to succeed, you can’t have anyone without the other.