All About Peppers

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Peppers are very healthy for you. Although they sometimes are quite spicy, they are packed tight with nutrients and vitamins that are extremely beneficial. Peppers contain the following benefits:

  • They help to burn off fat
  • They can protect against the buildup of cholesterol
  • They are extremely high in Vitamin C
  • They can lower the risk of breast cancer
  • They contain a ton of Vitamin B6, which lowers the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease
  • They serve as an antioxidant
  • They promote good eye health
  • They promote good blood circulation

In conclusion, they’re packed with beneficial nutrients and they taste amazing in many different styles of preparation.

At E. Armata, a produce distributor in the Bronx, we offer a variety of peppers for wholesale. We typically offer the following peppers:

  • Red/Mixed Red – Red peppers are fully ripened green peppers that allow for a sweeter, fruitier taste.
  • Green – Green peppers are unripe peppers that would turn into yellow/red peppers. They often have a bitter taste. As they are not as ripe as their counterparts, green peppers are certainly not as nutritious.
  • Suntans – A suntan pepper is a green pepper with spots of yellow and/or red in it. It is not fully ripe, but not as unripe as a green pepper.
  • Cubanelle – Also called a Cuban pepper, a cubanelle pepper is a long, sweet type of pepper that is used in Spanish and Italian cuisines. Many chefs prefer cubanelles over bell peppers because they are more suited for quick cooking.
  • Jalapeno – Jalapeno peppers have a reputation for being quite spicy. They come in either green or red varieties, with red jalapenos as the spicier of the two. The heat that is associated with the jalapeno actually comes from the membrane around the seeds inside of the pepper.
  • Long Hots – Also known as Italian Long Hots, these peppers are typically used in homemade Italian cooking while they are still green. Each one, however, varies in spiciness.

Peppers are tasty, nutritious, and add a great kick to many types of dishes! At E. Armata, a produce distributor in the Bronx, we offer a wide variety of peppers for your wholesale needs. We are located in Hunts Point, in close proximity to Queens and Manhattan for your convenience. For more information or to place an order, call our Hunts Point Warehouse at 718-991-5600.