Hunts Point Market

Rich Comunale

“I am most proud of the relations I made with the fine growers in the melon industry. Through these relations, I’ve achieved my goal of providing excellent service to the customers of E. Armata and ultimately the consumers in our communities that look forward to sharing our delicious melons with their families.”


E. Armata is proud to be amongst the leading distributors of melons on the east coast. It’s our pleasure to have year-long supplies of honeydews, cantaloupes and variety melons. We are fortunate to have relations with the most respected growers from Central America, California, and Arizona. E. Armata is also well known throughout the produce industry as being a long time supplier of watermelons. Decades of long partnerships with our growers from Central America, Texas, Florida and up the east coast has solidified our ability to best serve our cherished and much appreciate customers.


  • 6ct personal watermelons
  • 8ct personal watermelons
  • 10ct personal watermelons
  • 12ct personal watermelons
  • 4sz watermelons
  • 5sz watermelons
  • 6sz watermelons
  • 28ct seedless bins
  • 36ct seedless bins
  • 45ct seedless bins
  • 60ct seedless bins
  • 80ct seedless bins

  • 5 sz honeydews
  • 5ct jumbo honeydews
  • 6ct honeydews
  • 8ct honeydews

  • 9sz cantaloupes
  • jumbo 9sz cantaloupes
  • 12sz cantaloupes
  • 15sz cantaloupes
  • Binned Athena melons
Canary Melon
Charentais Melons
Melon produce at hunts point produce market
Golden Honeydew
Casaba Melons
Galia Melons
Crenshaw Melons
Hami Melon
Santa Claus Melon