Hunts Point Market

Louis Solomon

“The produce business is action packed… minute by minute, day in and day out! I’ve loved every second of it since I started at five years old.”


E. Armata’s tomato department is backed by over 100 years of combined experience in purchasing, selling, and repacking tomatoes, and is regarded as one of the elite tomato houses in New York. Led by Louis Solomon, the tomato department is filled with enthusiasm and passion for the highest quality tomatoes. The qualified expertise of E. Armata’s tomato department has demonstrated a profound ability to seasonally source rounds and romas from California, Mexico, Florida, up the east coast, and into Canada. Proper handling of tomatoes is paramount, load temperature is delicately determined based on color and condition at the packing house, and then they are carefully repacked in our warehouse based on size and color to order! E. Armata is always focused on customer needs, and our tomato department is quintessential to this mission.