Michael Armata


“I am fortunate to work with the customers and shippers we have, and I look forward to every day I get to spend growing our relationships.”


E. Armata’s Specialty department is hitting its 10 year anniversary. We currently handle a vast amount of  Specialty Items which are both flown in and trucked daily from around the world and domestically. We source our hothouse items from the following areas: Holland, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Israel and the USA. 


  • Carrot Bunch
  • Carrot Cello 1lb
  • Carrot Cello 5lb
  • Carrot Loose Jumbo
  • Carrot hand peeled
  • Rainbow

  • Cucumbers Hot House 12ct
  • Cucumber Persian Loose 20lb
  • Cucumber Persian 12x6ct

  • Eggplant Italian 11lb Air
produce distributor in the Bronx
Peppers Hot House

produce distributor in the Bronx

  • Red Peppers 11lb
  • Yellow Peppers 11lb
  • Orange Peppers 11lb
  • Rainbow Peppers 9x4ct
  • Rainbow Peppers 8x3ct
  • Mini Peppers 10x1lb
  • Mini Peppers 12x1lb
  • Mini Peppers 18x1lb
  • Red Peppers 25lb
  • Yellow Peppers 25lb
  • Orange Peppers 25lb
  • Rustico Peppers Rainbow Bag
  • Red Rustico 11lb
  • Yellow Rustico 11lb
  • Orange Rustico 11lb

  • French Beans 5lb

  • Snow Peas 10 lb
  • Snap Peas 10 lb

  • Hydro Bibb 12ct
  • Mache
  • Kale 24ct Lacinata
  • Frisee CA 12ct
  • Raddichio 9ct
  • Salad Savoy Kale 24ct

  • Red Pearl 12ct
  • White Pearl 12ct
  • Gold Pearl 12ct
  • Shallots 5lb Jar
  • Shallots 10lb Bag

  • French Fingerlings 10 lb Bags
  • French Fingerlings 50 lb Box
Misc Items

  • Ginger 30lb
  • Garlic Sleeved 5ct
  • Gold Beets 25lb Bag
  • Tomato on the Vine 11lb –
  • Stem Tomato Red
  • Tomato on the Vine 11lb -Yellow
  • Tomato on the Vine 11lb -Orange
  • Tomato Beef 15lb
  • Tomato Cherry 12ct Clamshell
  • Tomato Grape 12ct Clamshell
  • Tomato Mixed Medley 12ct Clam
  • Tomato Zebra 12ct Clamshell
  • Tomato Grape 12ct Yellow
  • Tomato Grape 12ct Orange
  • Tomato Heirloom 10lb Box
  • Tomato Campari 10x1lb Clamshell
  • Tomato Sapori 10x1lb Clamshell
  • Tomato Cherry Cocktail 9x9oz
  • Tomato Cherry Cocktail 10x12oz
  • Tomato Terrano/Kumato 10x1lb Clamshell



Tomatoes-Hot House 
Tomato on the Vine 11lb -Stem Tomato Red11lb
Tomato on the Vine 11lb -Yellow11lb
Tomato on the Vine 11lb -Orange11lb
Tomato Beef 15lb16-25ct Sizes
Tomato Cherry 12ct Clamshell12ct
Tomato Grape 12ct Clamshell12ct
Tomato Mixed Medley 12ct Clam12ct
Tomato Zebra 12ct Clamshell12ct
Tomato Grape 12ct Yellow12ct
Tomato Grape 12ct Orange12ct
Tomato Heirloom 10lb Box10lb Box
Tomato Campari 10x1lb Clamshell10ct
Tomato Sapori 10x1lb Clamshell10ct
Tomato Cherry Cocktail 9x9oz9ct
Tomato Cherry Cocktail 10x12oz10ct
Tomato Terrano/Kumato 10x1lb Clamshell10ct
Tomato Beefstake 12x4ct Clamshell12ct
Belgian Endive

  • Belgian Endive 10lb

***Special Orders By Request***