Hunts Point Market

John (Ackie) Acompora

“Overseeing the fruit department for the last 18 years has been an absolute pleasure. I am fortunate to work with incredible shippers and customers, we have formed relationships that will continue to prosper for years to come.”


E. Armata’s Fruit department is one of its flagship programs. John Acompora has been the head of the Fruit department for over 18 years. In his tenure, he has continued to grow relationships with shippers and customers that have been a part of the Armata family for more than 30 years. The fruit department sources product globally, including but not limited to grapes, apples, pears and stone fruit from the United States, New Zealand, Chile and the South Americas, citrus from California, Morocco, Spain, and South Africa, and more exotic fruit such as lychee from Vietnam, China, and Mexico. The diverse sources of product for the E. Armata fruit department enables us to provide all the desired sizes and varieties of fruit for our customers year round.