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Who Are We?

E. Armata Inc. is a family-run fruit and produce wholesaler in the Hunts Point Market who has been servicing the tri-state area for over 100 years. We are among one of the most committed and quality-driven food distributors in NYC and the surrounding area.

With a modest start in Manhattan at the Washington Street Market, E. Armata is now one of the largest wholesalers operating in the Hunts Point Food Markets and is proud to now be in the 4th generation stage. E. Armata takes great pride in managing the company with integrity and the highest quality product available for all our customers – be they a large retail customer, institutional supplier, or small grocers who visit the Hunts Point Market for quality produce.

Over the last century, E. Armata has prospered as a leader among produce distributors in the tri-state area. Our brand prides itself on having a family tradition of loyalty to customers and partnerships with farmers and growers that span generations. We work with the most recognizable brands of fresh produce in the industry, as well as offering our own E. Armata label.

Our Food Distributors in NYC – How Does The Process Work?

E. Armata currently works with 100s of grower/shippers.  We are proud of the strong relationships we have built with these growers/shippers over four generations; relationships that extend past the business table.

We have established trust with everybody involved in the process, from the grower – the first source of our business; to the trucker and the transportation of our products; to our employees – who do an excellent job handling our products and services. And above all, the customers who we can count on every day.  For our business to succeed, you can’t have anyone without the other.

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What Sets Our Food Distributors in NYC Aside From The Competition?

  • We deliver fresh produce daily to efficiently fulfill your replenishment needs.
  • Our modern trucks are temperature controlled to make certain we meet your high-quality standards all year round.
  • We use the latest in technological advancements in order to maximize our shippers’ delivery schedules to accommodate both your business’s needs and our growing demand.
  • To ensure the safety of our drivers and the communities we serve, we monitor and track the speed of our shipping vehicles.
  • We are committed to meeting all of our new and long-standing customers’ needs.

What Is a Wholesale Food Distributor?

wholesale food in nycAt E. Armata Inc., our company has pulled itself up from humble beginnings to become a staple wholesale food distributor in NYC. But what is a wholesale food distributor, and how do we work to the benefit of our customers? Our team at E. Armata Inc. would love to answer these questions for you today. 

Most, if not all, supermarkets, smaller shops, and restaurants do not grow the fruits and vegetables they sell and serve on their own. As a result, they outsource this need and have produce delivered right to their location. Rather than work with an array of individual growers and shippers to achieve this, stores and restaurants tend to team with wholesale food distributors, such as E.Armata Inc., to keep inventory stocked conveniently. At E. Armata Inc., our network of growers and shippers allow us to provide businesses with produce in bulk quantities, so they’re always able to meet their consumer’s needs.  

Our Distribution Process:

At E. Armata Inc., we have spent years perfecting our craft, ensuring that our customers are always left satisfied. We have been able to overcome many of the challenges wholesale food providers face, attributing greatly to our success. Below is a snapshot of the process we have meticulously designed to make sure we always live up to the standards our company was founded on:

  1. The first step to success for wholesale food distributors is cultivating relationships with the best growers and shippers. We have spent the past four decades doing this, so you can trust all the fruits and vegetables you receive are of the highest quality.
  2. Once we’ve received the produce, it is placed in our state of the art facility until it is ready to be sent out. We use RF guns to track each item from the time it is dropped off to when it leaves our doors to maintain accountability. This process also lets our consumers shop for and pick their orders more efficiently. 
  3. As the final step in our process, it’s our responsibility to make sure we distribute our produce while it is still fresh. The trucks we use are temperature-controlled to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh longer. We also constantly monitor the speed of our drivers to ensure drop-offs are being done safely.           

Commitment to Excellence!

When asked, “what is a wholesale food distributor,” the standard E. Armata Inc. has set should always come to mind. This company has had a commitment to excellence since the beginning. Our employees never settle for providing any services that are less than the best, which is something we take pride in for our customers. If you’re ready to work with one of the top wholesale food distributors in the area, be sure to contact us today to order online. 

Fresh Produce Distributor in New York

best nyc produceAnyone whose business revolves around produce will always stress the importance of freshness. With such a tight window of how long fruits and vegetables will last, you’ll need to work with a quality distributor to make certain your business remains a success. By choosing to team with us here at E. Armata Inc., you’ll be doing just that. Acting as an example of what a fresh produce distributor should be, the quality of the shipments you receive will never be in doubt.  

It Starts With Our Shippers

As a fresh produce distributor, our team needs to do its due diligence on the products we send out. To aid in this process, we spent the last four decades cultivating relationships with all of our shippers/growers.  We carefully selected the 100+ produce shippers/growers we currently work with to help guarantee everything we distribute always exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers.

Fresh Produce Guaranteed

At E. Armata Inc., we’re committed to being a trusted fresh produce distributor for all of our customers. We know your business starts and ends with receiving fresh produce, something we always strive to deliver. With a focus on customer satisfaction, all of the below goes into each of our shipments:

  • We deliver produce daily, so you are always fully stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Our delivery trucks are temperature controlled, ensuring produce stays fresh no matter the season.
  • Technological advancements are continually implemented to maximize our delivery schedules and help make any adjustments needed to keep you satisfied.
  • Safety is one of our top priorities, which is why we constantly monitor and track the speed of our delivery vehicles.      

E. Armata Inc.

Our company comes from humble beginnings. It all started in 1890 with Erasmo Armata, a Sicilian immigrant who would purchase lemons then sell them out of a burlap sack throughout the streets of Manhattan. Today, we’ve evolved into a cornerstone of the Hunts Point Market and become a top fresh produce distributor in the area. Our devotion to quality has helped earn the trust of all of our customers. If you’d like to learn more about our company and the benefits of working with us, be sure to contact us today! 

We Are Now SQF Certified!

E. Armata Inc. has been a staple in the Hunts Point Market for many years.  We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality fruits and produce available to our customers through our food service.  From our past to our future, our high standards of quality have always and will continue to be at our top of mind. 

E. Armata’s History of Quality

The team at E. Armata Inc. is no stranger to quality services.  Our founder, Erasmo Armata came to New York from Sicily in the 1980s and grew the company from the ground up.  Starting with selling lemons out of a burlap sack, Erasmo worked to build this company on the back of quality. He knew customers would continue to return if they were given high-quality produce, which is why he never purchased or sold anything that fell below his rigorous standards.  His family also continued with this tradition. After deciding the company needed to expand to distributing vegetables and West Coast produce, Erasmo’s son Frank moved cross country. Frank would follow crops from Arizona to California to make sure only the specific lots that met E. Armata’s standards were shipped back to New York.

SQF Certification

To show how seriously we take quality, our company has gone through the rigorous task of becoming SQF certified. The Safe Quality Food Program is recognized worldwide by retailers, brand owners, and foodservice providers.  Offered through the Safe Quality Food Institute, this program shows the commitment to food safety and quality E. Armata brings as one of the top food distributors in NYC. 

SQF Food Distributors in NYC

The E. Armata Process of Quality

Achieving this rewarding certification was not something that could have been done overnight.  The team at E. Armata Inc. has always worked tirelessly to improve our operation any way we can. We currently work with 100 growers and shippers to help meet the needs of our consumers.  We’ve cultivated strong relationships with these people for over four generations, and a proud of the team we’ve established. For the transportation of the produce, we have modern delivery trucks that are temperature controlled to ensure all fruits and vegetables stay ripe and fresh, no matter the time year delivery occurs.  We make sure all of our shipper’s schedules are optimized before they head out to the road and even monitor the speed of our vehicles to guarantee deliveries are made safely. From the seeds being planted to the produce arriving at the customer’s door, E. Armata guarantees quality at each step of the process.

At E. Armata Inc., all of our produce is grown and shipped with our customer’s satisfaction in mind.  We consider ourselves to be a cornerstone for food distributors in NYC. With our recent certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute, we hope our customers appreciate just how much care we place in our process.  To learn more about our company, or to order online, please contact us today to reach your favorite local food distributors in New York! 

Dogs are a beloved part of the family, so you probably want to feed them just as well! However, while some fruits and vegetables are healthy and could be part of a balanced pet diet, others are toxic and dangerous for dogs to consume. Our food distributors in NYC team at E. Armata Inc. would like to share some of the fruits that cannot be given to dogs and some that are safe for everyone at home! Continue reading to learn more! 

What Fruits Cannot Be Given To Dogs?

Most people spoil their dogs by giving them their favorite snacks instead of a dog treat. While many different human foods are perfectly safe for dogs, some are unhealthy and even dangerous, so it’s crucial to know what fruits cannot be given to dogs. Here are some fruits that you should not give to dogs:

  • Avocados – While avocados are a favorite healthy snack for dog owners, they should never be given to dogs. Avocados contain a toxin called persin that causes sickness in dogs. 
  • Grapes – Grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs of all breeds and sizes, as they can lead to sudden acute kidney failure. 
  • Tomatoes – While ripe tomatoes are considered safe, the green parts of the plant contain a toxic substance known as solanine. A dog would have to eat large amounts of the tomato plant to get sick, but dogs should avoid them altogether to be safe. 
  • Cherries – The pits of cherry contain cyanide. If a dog chews the seed, the cyanide can be released and harm them. 

Dog-Safe Fruits 

While it’s best to avoid certain fruits to keep your dog safe, there are plenty of other fruits available for food distributors in NYC that are healthy for dog owners and their beloved furry friends! Here are some fruits that are good for dogs:

  • Watermelon without rind or seeds. 
  • Cucumbers.
  • Blueberries.

Contact Us

Dogs are often curious creatures, and sometimes eat things that are bad for them when you’re not looking. Our team at E. Armata Inc. wants to ensure that you keep your pet friends safe and healthy when eating fruits! To learn more about dog-safe fruits, be sure to contact our food distributors in NYC today! 


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