Limes and lemons are two very essential citrus fruits used in cooking and baking. While they both have a naturally sour acidic taste and are oval shaped, most people fail to recognize that the two fruits are actually pretty different in their contents, uses, and nutritional values.


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Firstly, it is important to note that limes are not simply unripe lemons. The two are completely separate from one another. A lime is a hybridized citrus fruit that is green and generally smaller than a lemon. It is grown on a lime tree. A lime is more of a sour flavor and tart than a lemon, due to its lower sugar content. Limes contain high levels of vitamin C, greater amounts of carbohydrates, and lower amounts of protein. Limes are often used in alcoholic beverages, either in the form of lime juice or as a lime wedge, serving as a garnish. Additionally, lime is often incorporated into meals containing chicken, rice, or fish. You can even use lime to make some delicious key lime pie! The following are a list of the common varieties of limes:

  • Kaffir limes
  • Key (Mexican) limes
  • Limequats
  • Rangpur limes
  • Tahiti limes
  • Persian limes


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A lemon is a small fruit, native to Asia, that grows on lemon trees. Lemons are ellipsoidal and turn yellow in color. Lemons contain a higher vitamin C level than limes do. They also contain lower amounts of carbohydrates and higher amounts of protein than limes. Lemons are actually slightly less acidic than limes, and due to their higher sugar content, lemons often have a sweeter taste than limes. Also, lemons are widely used in cooking and baking, for items such as chicken, fish, pasta, and desserts like lemon meringue pie and lemon flavored Italian ices. Additionally, lemon is a popular scent among cleaning products, such as Lemon Pledge. Due to their higher vitamin C content, lemons are generally considered to be the healthier option as compared to limes. The following are a list of the common types of lemons:

  • Eureka lemons
  • Lisbon lemons
  • Meyer lemons

Lemons and limes have similar nutritional benefits, such as:

  • Boosting immunity
  • Enhancing digestion
  • Increasing circulation
  • Preventing cancer
  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • They contain essential oils

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