E. Armata is a family run fruit and produce wholesaler in the Hunts Point Market that has been in business for over 100 years. With a modest start in Manhattan at the Washington Street Market, E. Armata is now one of the largest wholesalers operating in Hunts Point and is proud to now be in the 4th generation stage. E. Armata takes great pride in managing the company with integrity and the highest quality product available for all our customers – be they a large retail customer, institutional supplier, or small grocers who visit the Hunts Point Market for quality produce. Contact us for Produce Delivery in Massachusetts today if you have questions.

Produce Delivery in Massachusetts

Over the last century, E. Armata has prospered as a leader among produce distributors in the tri-state area. Our brand prides itself on having a family tradition of loyalty to customers and partnerships with farmers and growers that span generations. We work with the most recognizable brands of fresh produce in the industry, as well as offering our own E. Armata label.

  • This guarantees proper cleanliness and optimizes quality to our customers. We are diligent about the inspection process and take the time to review all products being shipped out to our customers before delivery.  All of our quality teams are staffed and managed in-house at E. Armata Inc. and we take pride in being produce distributors in the Hunts Point Market that offers the freshest produce to our clients.

Food Safety:

At E. Armata Inc., we take pride in being one of the best produce distributors in the Hunts Point Market providing the highest quality products. Food safety and quality control are important in preventing food-borne illnesses such as Escherichia coli O157, Shigella, and Yersinia.  At E. Armata Inc., we are GMP-certified as well as a recipient of a 100 percent superior rating through the FDA’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). Our commitment to food safety is evidenced by the practices we’ve implemented. Below are a few ways our team at the Hunts Point Market produces of the highest quality product:

We receive shipments daily

All of our trucks are temperature controlled

  • This method limits contamination of harmful bacteria and pollution many distributors experience during transport. For example, increased humidity causes increased the risk of spore and fungi production on fruits and vegetables.

We keep thorough track of our products

  • We specifically keep track of all the fresh food products we receive by immediately uploading a picture of them as they are delivered onto our iPad tracking system.  This means that we take the extra time to ensure all deliverables are up-to-date in our system to ensure quality.

We employ an experienced quality control team

  • Our employees are trained in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) quality control.  This process consists of seven principles: hazard analysis, identifying critical control points, determining critical limits, monitoring critical points, establishing corrective actions, developing record-keeping procedures, and establishing verification procedures. This ensures we continue to be provide top-quality produce in the Hunts Point Market.

Our inspectors are USDA-trained

  • Our inspectors are trained by the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service inspection standards, which is a nationally recognized agency that provides the standardization, testing, and grading of all food products sold in the US

How can produce distributors located in Massachusetts help you grow?

At E. Armata, we don’t just take orders for delivery; we accept responsibility. As produce distributors located in the Hunts Point Market, our sales team follows these steps to help you:

  • We deliver fresh produce daily to efficiently fulfill your replenishment needs.
  • Our modern trucks are temperature controlled to make certain we meet your high-quality standards all year round.
  • We use the latest in technological advancements in order to maximize our shippers delivery schedules to accommodate both your business’s needs and our growing demand.
  • To ensure the safety of our drivers and the communities we serve, we monitor and track the speed of our shipping vehicles.
  • We are committed to meeting all of our new and long-standing customers’ needs.


E. Armata, Inc highly upholds our stringent Food Safety standards that are in place for the protection of our customers, our employees, and to the end-user of our products.  We are working in conjunction with the New York City Produce Terminal market and our shippers, closely monitoring the outbreak of the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19). We are implementing the recommendations issued by the Center for Disease Control and guidance issued by the State of New York in addition to the stringent requirements to maintain our current Food Safety programs dictated by our SQF, HACCP certificate(a Food Safety Management Certification used to control food safety risks and audited annually by an outside certification body that signifies a food management system accepted as an international standard of excellence) for our entire facility.

The health and safety of our employees and customers and the safety of our product is our top concern. Under that criteria, E. Armata, Inc has created and implemented a Business Continuity Plan in the event of any possible disruptions.

Please know that we are monitoring the situation and our focus is maintaining everyone’s safety. We will continue to work with public health official partners to determine what support may be needed in the coming days and weeks as the situation continues to evolve.  We will continue to update you with any new information.

Chris and Paul Armata

Ariel Muza, Director of Food Safety

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We Are GMP Certified

Hunts Point MarketAt E. Armata, we are passionate about providing the highest of quality fresh fruit and produce to our customers. We are committed to making sure our facilities and distribution centers exceeds standards. One of the main attributes to our company is our GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, certification. Not only does E. Armata meet the requirements of GMP certification, but we continuously achieve 100 percent Superior Rating. In other words, we fully comply with and exceed all New York cities sanitation laws and food-safety initiatives. So you can be confident in knowing that not only is our produce and fruit always fresh, but our facilities are always well-maintained, immaculate, and organized. Visit our Market today to get a firsthand look of our GMP certified facility. Continue reading to learn more about the GMP certification and why it’s so important.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Receiving a GMP certificate signifies and ensures to the public that products are being manufactured, produced, and controlled in a consistent manner that meets quality standards. The GMP certification covers all aspects from the production and distribution phases to the personal hygiene of its employees. In order to achieve a GMP accreditation, detailed proof of the various daily step-by-step procedures is mandatory.

Why is it Important?

Without the GMP certificate, it’s hard to determine whether a company is being fully compliant with the sanitation standards. Especially when it comes to food, you want to be reassured that the products you are purchasing and consuming are being distributed from a place that goes above and beyond all the necessary requirements. At E. Armata you can rest assured we take health standards very seriously. Our facilities and delivery trucks not only abide by the sanitary laws, but we are constantly upgrading to the latest technologies.

E. Armata Inc. – Produce Delivery in Massachusetts

Come on down and come visit us! We offer nothing but the freshest and highest quality produce and fruit! And best of all, you can enjoy knowing our products are 100% GMP certified.

Our Racking System

Racking System at Hunts Point MarketOur family at E. Armata Inc., is prideful in providing high-quality produce and being one of the top providers on the east coast. Food safety and quality control are critical in supplying fresh produce and preventing food-borne illnesses. Our company received a 100 percent superior rating from the FDA’s Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) in addition to being GMP-certified. We value food safety and are consistently in search of ways to advance it by implementing modern practices– one of which being our Racking System. By utilizing RF guns, we are able to maintain spot-on inventory and tractability. Every package is traced from the moment it is packaged until the day it is in our customers’ hands. This yields for a faster and more efficient customer shopping and delivery experience. E. Armata Inc.’s unique RF services can be found at the Hunts Point Market– we encourage all to join and experience our services.

Delivering Near You – Produce Delivery in Massachusetts

Our freshly delivered products undergo intense daily inspection and scrutiny for food quality assessment. Doing so optimizes quality to our customers and guarantees necessary cleanliness. At E. Armata Inc., we are constantly tracking our produce. We use RF guns to scan and sort our merchandise from our warehouse to the market. RF is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency that sends data through the air. RF guns are handheld devices that act as remote wireless scanners. Our facilities are well equipped and our workers are properly trained on how to operate these tools. By constantly tracing our shipments, our warehouse is perfectly organized and monitored to ensure our customers’ produce remains fresh and clean at all times. The scanners provide the E.Armata team with information such as the type, age, and state of the produce that it is packaged in. We take the extra time that is necessary to ensure all deliveries are fresh and clean. From the instant they are packaged to the time they are shipped and in your hands, our produce is tracked for quality insurance.

Our family is diligent and is prideful of our inspection process and standards. Employees are highly educated and trained in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) quality control. This process consists of hazard analysis, identifying and monitoring control points and limits, following corrective actions, and data-storing verification procedures.

Visit Us

Contact our team if you are interested in our wholesale services of delivering fresh products. We hold our quality control to the highest standards and have adapted to new technological advancements such as RF guns to incorporate into our unique Racking System. Contact E. Armata Inc. if you are in search of a produce distributor at the Hunts Point Market.

What Is A Wholesale Food Distributor?

Most, if not all, supermarkets, smaller shops, and restaurants do not grow the fruits and vegetables they sell and serve on their own. As a result, they outsource this need and have produce delivered right to their location. Rather than work with an array of individual growers and shippers to achieve this, stores and restaurants tend to team with wholesale food distributors, such as E.Armata Inc., to keep inventory stocked conveniently. At E. Armata Inc., our network of growers and shippers allow us to provide businesses with produce in bulk quantities, so they’re always able to meet their consumer’s needs.


Our Distribution Process:

At E. Armata Inc., we have spent years perfecting our craft, ensuring that our customers are always left satisfied. We have been able to overcome many of the challenges wholesale food providers face, attributing greatly to our success. Below is a snapshot of the process we have meticulously designed to make sure we always live up to the standards our company was founded on:

  1. The first step to success for wholesale food distributors is cultivating relationships with the best growers and shippers. We have spent the past four decades doing this, so you can trust all the fruits and vegetables you receive are of the highest quality.
  2. Once we’ve received the produce, it is placed in our state of the art facility until it is ready to be sent out. We use RF guns to track each item from the time it is dropped off to when it leaves our doors to maintain accountability. This process also lets our consumers shop for and pick their orders more efficiently.
  3. As the final step in our process, it’s our responsibility to make sure we distribute our produce while it is still fresh. The trucks we use are temperature-controlled to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh longer. We also constantly monitor the speed of our drivers to ensure drop-offs are being done safely.


Local Produce Delivery in Massachusetts

When asked, “what is a wholesale food distributor,” the standard E. Armata Inc. has set should always come to mind. This company has had a commitment to excellence since the beginning. Our employees never settle for providing any services that are less than the best, which is something we take pride in for our customers. If you’re ready to work with one of the top Produce Distributors in Massachusetts, be sure to contact us today.

Finding The Best Organic Produce Delivery in Massachusetts

BostonEarmata Inc. is a family-owned and operated wholesale produce distributor that is committed to providing the freshest produce delivery in Massachusetts and helping our customers grow. Finding the best organic produce delivery in Massachusetts can be a challenge with so many options to choose from. E. Armata Inc. has proven to be exceptional in this arena. Continue reading to learn more about wholesale produce delivery. 

Produce Delivery Massachusetts

Fresh produce is fundamental to maintaining good health. You can find the freshest and most vibrant produce at our location in the Hunts Point Market. At E. Armata Inc., we take great pride in our logistical strategies, including swift turnaround times in delivery from harvest to our customer. 

To accomplish our goal of providing customers with the highest quality produce available at all times, we work directly with growers. We have cultivated meaningful relationships with growers and shippers for decades, resulting in us having access to fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. Here are some more reasons why we are one of the leaders in produce delivery in Massachusetts:

  • Our team delivers fresh produce daily to fulfill all of your replenishment needs in a timely manner. 
  • Our fleet of modern trucks are temperature controlled to ensure that we meet quality standards all year round. 
  • Our distribution team monitors and tracks the speed of our shipping vehicles to ensure the safety of the communities we serve and the safety of our drivers. 
  • We use the latest technology to maximize our shippers’ delivery schedules to accommodate demand. 

Earmata Inc. is unique among other wholesale produce companies because of our commitment to resourcefully meeting our customer’s needs. We want our customers to have the best, and we’re happy to deliver it to them. 

Contact Our Produce Distributors in Massachusetts

If you are looking for high-quality produce delivery in Massachusetts, E. Armata Inc. is here to serve! Our team has taken immense pride in our operation for four generations. Our dedication to quality and integrity has allowed us to form crucial relationships with our customers, growers, and shippers so you can be sure that you are getting the best produce all year round. To learn more about our wholesale operation or other general inquiries, contact us today!

Best Place To Buy Fruit Wholesale in Massachusetts

MassachusettsAs a family-run fruit and produce wholesaler, we help you choose from a large selection of high-quality fruits and vegetables in a way that saves you both time and money. Here at E. Armata Inc., our fruit wholesale in Massachusetts allows you to help your business grow and serve the best quality produce to your customers. We have spent decades cultivating relationships with farmers and growers and are proud to be a part of the Hunts Point Market located in the Bronx, NY. 

Why Choose E. Armata at Hunts Point Market

Earmata Inc. is a family-owned fruit wholesale Massachusetts operation in the Hunts Point Market, and we’ve been in business for over 100 years. After decades of hard work, we are now one of the largest wholesalers operating in Hunts Point, which is the best place to find vibrant wholesale produce in Massachusetts . Our team works closely with produce growers to ensure the freshest fruit and vegetables you need to ensure your business’ success. Here is a look at what sets us apart from other wholesalers:

  • State-Of-The-Art Facility – As our business continues to grow, we make it a priority to keep our facility and equipment upgraded. Our facility consists of over 60,000 square feet of temperature-controlled storage. We have a separate dedicated warehouse and repacking facility that allows us to organize our racking system. Our facility offers a wider variety of fresh and safely stored produce that can easily be picked up in Hunts Point or delivered by our magnificent fleet of trucks. 
  • Stellar Racking System – Our racking system involves RF guns that allow us to maintain highly accurate inventory and traceability. We can fully trace a package from the time it’s unloaded into the store until it’s delivered to the customer, which allows our customers to pick their orders more efficiently. 
  • Dedication to Quality – E. Armata’s produce distributors in Massachusetts has been certified by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF). The SQF program is a widely recognized food safety program, and its codes are designed to meet industry, regulatory, and customer standards for all supply chain sectors. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality produce to our customers. 

Contact Our Local Produce Distributors In Massachusetts

If you are looking for quality fruit wholesale Massachusetts , look no further than E. Armata Inc. at the Hunts Point Market. For years our team has taken great pride in our operation as we continue to provide premier service to our customers. To learn more about our operation, contact our team today!

What is a Produce Wholesaler?

Produce Distributor in MassachusettsFew things are more delicious than fresh fruit and produce in the summer. E. Armata Inc. is one of the largest Produce Delivery in Massachusetts businesses operating in the Hunts Point Market. Our team is fully committed to our customers, and we take pride in providing them with the highest quality produce in a clean and organized cold-chain-compliant facility. To learn more about the role of a produce wholesaler, continue reading below. 

Wholesale Produce Distributor

Most shops, restaurants, and supermarkets do not grow their own produce and sell it. For this reason, they must outsource to get the products they need delivered to them. As one of the leading distributors of wholesale produce in Massachusetts, we provide an essential service to our customers that is key to moving produce from farm to table. E. Armata Inc. is a fourth-generation operation that has been servicing the tri-state area for over 100 years. Our network of shippers and growers allows us to provide businesses with wholesale produce to meet the needs of their customers. 


Earmata Inc. has dedicated years to perfecting our wholesale operation to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Our dedication has allowed us to design a seamless process to maintain quality and excellence. Here is a closer look at our wholesale produce Massachusetts distribution process:

  • Wholesale produce distributors must cultivate and maintain relationships with quality shippers and growers to be successful. We have been building relationships for over 100 years, so you can be assured that you are receiving the finest fruits and vegetables. 
  • Once the produce has reached us, it is stored in our state-of-the-art facility with over 60,000 square feet of temperature-controlled storage. We use RF guns for our racking system to meticulously keep track of our inventory, which allows us to service our customers more efficiently. 
  • Our top concern is that our customers receive their produce while it’s still fresh. We use temperature-controlled trucks to keep the produce fresher longer and monitor our drivers’ speed to ensure safe drop-offs. 

Contact Us

When looking for a produce wholesaler, you want to make sure you’re working with the best. E. Armata Inc. has set and maintained high standards since its inception over 100 years ago. Our commitment to excellence guarantees satisfaction and freshness. If you’re looking to work with a distributor of Produce Delivery in Massachusetts, be sure to contact our team today!

Recent Blog Post – What Are The Best Fruits To Eat On An Empty Stomach?

Produce Delivery in MassachusettsIt’s no secret that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables makes for a healthy lifestyle. Fruits host various vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber and can be a delicious choice for breakfast. Fueling your body with the right fruits on an empty stomach can prepare your body for a productive and healthy day. At E. Armata Inc., our Produce Delivery in Massachusetts provide fresh, healthy fruit to our customers all year round. Continue reading below to discover some of the best fruits to eat on an empty stomach. 

Best Fruits To Eat On An Empty Stomach

When you picture breakfast, you probably imagine fresh orange juice, coffee, yogurt, or oatmeal. While these are perfectly healthy breakfast options, certain fruits are also good to eat on an empty stomach to start the day. Our Produce Delivery in Massachusetts deliver high-quality, fresh fruits all year round for customers to enjoy. Here are some healthy fruits that you can incorporate first thing in the morning:

  • Watermelon – Watermelon contains high amounts of fluid. This fruit is light, refreshing, hydrating, and packed with electrolytes to help you get a great start in the morning. 
  • Papaya – Eating papaya on an empty stomach can be beneficial to your health. Papayas are high in fiber, low in calories, and have been shown to aid in weight loss and lower cholesterol. This fruit is also helpful in relieving digestive issues. 
  • Kiwi – Eating kiwi first thing in the morning allows your digestive system to fully absorb the vitamins and minerals in this fruit. Kiwis contain a lot of fiber and minerals that can boost your energy levels. 
  • Blueberries – Blueberries are full of vitamins and antioxidants that have been shown to regulate blood pressure in metabolism, making them an excellent option for part of a healthy breakfast. 

Aside from the beautiful colors and amazing flavor, adding fruits to your breakfast can provide you with several health benefits and set you up for an energy-filled day. Try incorporating fresh fruit into oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, or by itself to reap the benefits. 

Contact Us For Produce Delivery in Massachusetts

At E. Armata Inc., our produce distributors in Massachusetts work with the most recognizable fresh produce brands in the industry and provide products from our own label. Our high-quality fruits and vegetables bring flavor and nutrition to every meal. To learn more about our operation or for general inquiries, be sure to contact us today!