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What Is a Wholesale Food Distributor?

At E. Armata Inc., our company has pulled itself up from humble beginnings to become a staple wholesale food distributor in the Hunts Point Market. But what is a wholesale food distributor, and how do we work to the benefit of our customers? Our team at E. Armata Inc. would love to answer these questions for you today. 


What Is A Wholesale Food Distributor?

Most, if not all, supermarkets, smaller shops, and restaurants do not grow the fruits and vegetables they sell and serve on their own. As a result, they outsource this need and have produce delivered right to their location. Rather than work with an array of individual growers and shippers to achieve this, stores and restaurants tend to team with wholesale food distributors, such as E.Armata Inc., to keep inventory stocked conveniently. At E. Armata Inc., our network of growers and shippers allow us to provide businesses with produce in bulk quantities, so they’re always able to meet their consumer’s needs.  


Our Distribution Process:

At E. Armata Inc., we have spent years perfecting our craft, ensuring that our customers are always left satisfied. We have been able to overcome many of the challenges wholesale food providers face, attributing greatly to our success. Below is a snapshot of the process we have meticulously designed to make sure we always live up to the standards our company was founded on:

  1. The first step to success for wholesale food distributors is cultivating relationships with the best growers and shippers. We have spent the past four decades doing this, so you can trust all the fruits and vegetables you receive are of the highest quality.
  2. Once we’ve received the produce, it is placed in our state of the art facility until it is ready to be sent out. We use RF guns to track each item from the time it is dropped off to when it leaves our doors to maintain accountability. This process also lets our consumers shop for and pick their orders more efficiently. 
  3. As the final step in our process, it’s our responsibility to make sure we distribute our produce while it is still fresh. The trucks we use are temperature-controlled to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh longer. We also constantly monitor the speed of our drivers to ensure drop-offs are being done safely.           


Commitment to Excellence!

When asked, “what is a wholesale food distributor,” the standard E. Armata Inc. has set should always come to mind. This company has had a commitment to excellence since the beginning. Our employees never settle for providing any services that are less than the best, which is something we take pride in for our customers. If you’re ready to work with one of the top wholesale food distributors in the area, be sure to contact us today.