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E. Armata is a family-run fruit and produces wholesaler in the Hunts Point Market that has been in business for over 100 years. With a modest start in Manhattan at the Washington Street Market, E. Armata is now one of the largest wholesalers operating in Hunts Point and is proud to now be in the 4th generation stage. E. Armata takes great pride in managing the company with integrity and the highest quality product available for all our customers – be they a large retail customer, institutional supplier, or small grocers who visit the Hunts Point Market for quality produce. Visit our Wholesale Produce NYC today!

Over the last century, E. Armata has prospered as a leader among produce distributors in the tri-state area. Our brand prides itself on having a family tradition of loyalty to customers and partnerships with farmers and growers that span generations. We work with the most recognizable brands of fresh produce in the industry, as well as offering our own E. Armata label.

What Are The Best Fruits To Eat On An Empty Stomach?

best time to eat fruits, like watermelon!

It’s no secret that a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables makes for a healthy lifestyle. Fruits host various vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber and can be a delicious choice for breakfast. Fueling your body with the right fruits on an empty stomach can prepare your body for a productive and healthy day. At E. Armata Inc., we provide fresh, healthy fruit to our customers all year round. Continue reading below to discover some of the best fruits to eat on an empty stomach. 

Best Fruits To Eat On An Empty Stomach

When you picture breakfast, you probably imagine fresh orange juice, coffee, yogurt, or oatmeal. While these are perfectly healthy breakfast options, certain fruits are also good to eat on an empty stomach to start the day. Our produce distributors deliver high-quality, fresh fruits all year round for customers to enjoy. Here are some healthy fruits that you can incorporate first thing in the morning:

  • Watermelon – Watermelon contains high amounts of fluid. This fruit is light, refreshing, hydrating, and packed with electrolytes to help you get a great start in the morning. 
  • Papaya – Eating papaya on an empty stomach can be beneficial to your health. Papayas are high in fiber, low in calories, and have been shown to aid in weight loss and lower cholesterol. This fruit is also helpful in relieving digestive issues. 
  • Kiwi – Eating kiwi first thing in the morning allows your digestive system to fully absorb the vitamins and minerals in this fruit. Kiwis contain a lot of fiber and minerals that can boost your energy levels. 
  • Blueberries – Blueberries are full of vitamins and antioxidants that have been shown to regulate blood pressure in metabolism, making them an excellent option for part of a healthy breakfast. 

Aside from the beautiful colors and amazing flavor, adding fruits to your breakfast can provide you with several health benefits and set you up for an energy-filled day. Try incorporating fresh fruit into oatmeal, smoothies, yogurt, or by itself to reap the benefits. 

What Is The Best Time To Eat Fruits?

Typically, fruit can be consumed at just about any time. So, there’s no real best time to eat fruits. Fruits are nutritious, and they can be consumed at essentially anytime of the day in order to get the benefits of the nutrition that they provide. Some fruits have been known to give people energy, so consuming them early in the morning could be a great idea to get yourself active and energized!

You may also consider eating fruit before a workout, as some fruits can give you that boost while also giving you a natural sugar intake. You can burn off that natural sugar during your workout, allowing you to fully absorb all the positive nutrients that come from eating fruit. If you’re still unsure about the best time to eat fruits, we recommend that you consult with a nutritionist as everyone’s body is different and reacts uniquely to certain diets.

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20 Best Ideas For Storing Fresh Produce

If you’ve had to toss out your produce because it went bad before you had the chance to eat it, it may be time to reevaluate how you store said produce. Implementing a few simple changes can help give your produce longer shelf life, so you don’t waste a dime. As one of the leading Wholesale Produce NYC, E. Armata Inc. has plenty of tips for storing fresh produce. Continue reading to learn more!

Best Ideas For Storing Fresh Produce 

Many of us fill our shopping carts up with fresh fruits and vegetables with every intention of using them for a healthy meal, but we often don’t get to eat them before they’ve gone bad. To help you cut down on food waste, our Wholesale Produce NYC would like to share some tips for the best ways to store produce:

  1. Keep your produce intact until you’re ready to eat them.
  2. Remove your produce from plastic grocery bags and store them loose or in produce storage bags in the crisper drawers or on the counter in a fruit bowl. 
  3. Put a damp paper towel in produce bags for added humidity. This works great for leafy greens. 
  4. Wooden storage crates are a versatile piece of home decor that is functional and looks good. Store unrefrigerated vegetables in a crate to keep them fresh and in sight. 
  5. Corn – For fresh corn, it’s best to eat it as soon as possible since the longer you wait, the less enjoyable it becomes. To store corn, you can refrigerate it unshucked. 
  6. Herbs – Leafy herbs like cilantro, mint, basil, and parsley should be treated like flowers. To store them, trim their roots and put them in jars of cool water. Set the herbs aside at room temperature and use them as soon as possible. 
  7. Lettuce – Heads of lettuce and loose assortments should be washed and dried thoroughly before storing. You can store them in a vented paper bag with a piece of paper towel. 
  8. Peaches – Ripe peaches stay fresh when you refrigerate them in an uncovered container. If they need to be ripened, you can leave them in a closed paper bag at room temperature, then refrigerate them when ripened. 
  9. Apples – Apples are a fall staple. They are best stored in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator with a damp paper towel over them. 
  10. Asparagus – It’s easy to keep asparagus spears crisp and fresh. Trim the ends and stand the asparagus upright in a glass or jar half-filled with water. You can loosely fit a plastic bag over the tops of the spears and refrigerate them. 
  11. Blackberries – These berries are delicate and tend to grow mold quickly. Pick out any damaged berries and wash the good ones gently. Spread them out in a single layer lined with paper towels and refrigerate.  
  12. Cherries – Don’t wash cherries when you bring them home. Store them in the fridge in an uncovered bowl, and wash before eating. 
  13. Mushrooms – Mushrooms store best invented paper bags in the crisper drawer. 
  14. Spinach – Wrap unpackaged spinach in a damp paper towel and leave them in the crisper drawer. 
  15. Strawberries – Store these berries in a vented bag in the refrigerator. Rinse thoroughly before eating. 
  16. Turnips – Cut the greens off, and store the greens and turnips in separated bags in the refrigerator. 
  17. Pineapple – Trim the top of the fruit off and turn it upside down in a bowl. Let the pineapple sit on the counter for a few days. Then, right side up, it will keep for a few days at room temperature. 
  18. Tomatoes – Do not refrigerate tomatoes since they will lose flavor rapidly. Store them at room temperature. 
  19. Pears – Like peaches, you can store them at room temperature until they ripen, then refrigerate in an uncovered container. 
  20. Raspberries – Wash gently and discard any damaged ones. Spread them on a plate lined with a paper towel and refrigerate. 

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Benefits of Grapes

Grapes are a delicious way to get your body’s needed fruit supply for the day. Loaded with many health benefits with few calories, grapes are a good staple in a person’s diet. USDA Guidelines recommend filling your plate with half vegetables and fruit in order to maintain a healthy diet and maintain your overall health.

  • Helps Lower Blood Pressure – Grapes help lower sodium levels in the body and are rich in potassium. They are often recommended for people with high blood pressure to help stabilize their blood pressure.
  • Have Low Insulin – Grapes taste sweet but lack a lot of sugar, making it the perfect snack for someone with diabetes that needs to watch their blood sugar levels. Because grapes have lower insulin, grapes can help prevent you from developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Eye Health – Grapes are great for eye health because they have been proven to stop the retina from deteriorating.
  • Great For Dieting – If you are trying to watch your weight, grapes are what you need. At E.Armata, a produce distributor at the Hunts Point Produce Market, you can see the different types of grapes they have to offer. Grapes are great because they are low-calorie but enough to satisfy your hunger.
  • Can Prevent Heart Disease – The polyphenols found in grapes have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease by relaxing the blood vessels in your body, allowing a healthy blood flow.
  • Loaded with Fiber – Grapes are filled with fiber and water which can help aid constipation.
  • They Are Great For On The Go – Grapes are perfect for people who are always on the go. They are light and small and do not need preparations which makes carrying them in your bag a breeze.
  • They Are Available Year Round – Grapes are never out of season, so luckily for you, you can eat them year-round. Visit the Hunts Point Produce Market to see the vast selection of grapes available all throughout the year.
  • Used With Everything- Grapes are easily incorporated into many different recipes. They go well with breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and cocktails! Read more on the many different ways to incorporate grapes into your diet.

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10 Best Berries To Grow In Containers

If you’ve never thought about growing your own berries because you think it requires too much effort or you don’t have enough space, we have some excellent news for you! Growing delicious berries in containers is one of the easiest ways to grow your own fruit garden, especially if you have limited space! At E. Armata Inc., our Wholesale Produce NYC would like to share some of the best berries you can grow in containers at home! Continue reading to learn more. 

Best Berries To Grow In Containers

  1. Strawberries – Strawberries are well suited to grow in containers! You don’t need any particular container to grow delicious strawberries either. These perennial plants should be in a well-draining container at least 6 to 8 inches deep. Our Wholesale Produce NYC recommends regular watering and sunshine to grow plump and sweet strawberries. 
  2. Blackberries – All you need to grow delicious blackberries at home is a 5-gallon pot, soil, and stakes for support. These berries are known to produce long canes that need support, especially during flowering. 
  3. Blackcurrant – These sweet berries develop the best flavor in containers. Make sure that your blackcurrants have rich potting soil and ample drainage. 
  4. Blueberries – Blueberries should be on your list of options to grow in a container. While they can take up a lot of space, blueberries tend to last longer than most garden berries. Place the container in a sunny spot and water regularly.
  5. Gooseberries – For the best tasting homegrown gooseberries, place them in an area where they’ll get plenty of morning sun and protection from harsh afternoon rays. Sprinkle some potash fertilizer around their base to promote fruiting and flowering throughout the season. 
  6. Raspberries – Raspberries are one of the best berries to grow in containers. They tend to thrive in the warm summer sun, so place them in an area with lots of sunlight. 
  7. Acai Berries – This rare berry is packed with significant health benefits. Choose a dwarf pre-germinated acai palm variety, and grow it in a large pot in a warm and sunny location. Make sure to keep your acai berries away from the cold during the winter. 
  8. Mulberries – Many people think of large mulberry trees, but did you know that these plants grow well in containers too? Mulberries are rarely in stores due to their short shelf life, so grow your own at home! 
  9. Cranberries – You might associate cranberries with large bogs, but they can also be grown in a container! It’s recommended to plant them in wide pots since this berry tends to spread. 
  10. Boysenberries – Boysenberries can do well in containers but need plenty of room to grow. Choose a well-draining, wide container with rich soil, and keep them in a sunny spot. 

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What Fruit Has The Lowest Amount of Carbs?

Wholesale Produce NYC

It’s challenging to get enough fruits and vegetables every day, but it’s vital for your health. Fruits contain nutrients that support our body’s daily functions and reduce our risk of health issues down the line. At E. Armata Inc., we offer Wholesale Produce NYC to distribute some of the freshest fruits and vegetables to our customers. We understand that dieters may be wary of certain fruits if they’re trying to cut carbs, so we would like to share some information about the lowest-carb options available. 

Fruits With The Lowest Amount Of Carbs

Eating fruit is necessary for maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Fruits are packed with natural sugars that contribute to your daily carb count. Along with these sugars, it also has vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Fruits are one of the healthiest sources of carbs you can eat. Our team would like to inform you about the lowest carb fruits available through Wholesale Produce NYC to help you make every carb count. Here are some of the best low-carb fruits:


There’s nothing more refreshing than a slice of watermelon on a hot summer day! Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits during the summer and is the option that scores the lowest in carbohydrates. Watermelon packs only 7.55 grams of carbs per 100 grams of fruit. Since it’s also low in fiber, most of the carbohydrates are absorbed. 


If you’re trying to be mindful of your carbohydrate intake, berries are an excellent choice. Of all the berries out there, strawberries have the fewest carbs, and blackberries have the fewest net carbs. Every 100 grams of strawberries has about 7.68 grams of carbohydrates. Raspberries are another tart and delicious choice. Berries are packed with nutrients and antioxidants.


Cantaloupe is another low-carb option that is perfect for a hot day. It only contains 8.16 grams of carbohydrates, and 0.9 grams of fiber per 100 grams of fruit, meaning it only nets 7.26 grams of carbohydrates. Cantaloupes and other melons are also good options for those looking to limit their sugar intake, as they are considered low-fructose fruits. 


Avocados are, in fact, fruit and have relatively low carb content. Every 100 grams of avocado has an estimated 8.53 grams of carbohydrates. Avocado is also a good source of monounsaturated fats, which are good for heart health. 

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Different Types of Pears

Produce Delivery in NYC

Pears are a delicious and versatile fruit that come in many different varieties. At E. Armata Inc.., our fruit department sources produce globally. We are proud to offer the tastiest and freshest Wholesale Produce NYC. Continue reading to learn more about the different kinds of pears we distribute to our customers. If you’re interested in our distribution services, please click here.

Different Types of Pears

There are several delicious kinds of pears available for Wholesale Produce NYC throughout the year from our facility. Most people are only familiar with Bartlett or Anjou pears because these varieties are commonly seen in most grocery stores. However, much like apples, pears come in a wide variety of flavors that each offer their own unique eating experience. Here are some of the different pear varieties.


From August through January, this is the most common variety you will find. The green-gold pear boasts the quintessential pear flavor we know and love. Bartlett pears are great for baking or canning. Red bartlett pears are much sweeter than the gold variety and are similarly good for preserving. If you prefer sweeter fruits, red bartletts may be better for eating out of hand. 


Like the Bartlett pears, Anjou’s come in green and red. The Green Anjou boasts a mellow, citrusy sweet flavor that is delicious to eat raw. They also hold up when cooked or baked. The Red Anjou is similar in size and texture to the green variety, but this pear is sweeter and milder. Instead of citrus notes, there are subtle hints of spice. 


Asian pears are sweet and crisp. They usually have green or brown skin and are more round. They have a crunchier texture that makes them popular for eating fresh, but they are also tasty in baked dishes. 


Bosc or Kaiser pears have longer and more slender neck than other pears. This brown pear has a rougher texture and can have some hints of green or yellow. Bosc pears are sweet and crisp. If your recipe calls for poached pears, these are ideal because they hold their shape well. 

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