August Is National Peach Month

Even though summer is beginning to wind down, here at E. Armata Inc., we’d like to remind you that there are still reasons to celebrate. Not many people know this, but August is National Peach Month! This fruit is delicious, nutritious, and can be purchased from our distributor at the Hunts Point Market. Our team would like to tell you more about peaches so you can celebrate the month of August in style.


Types Of Peaches

Much like any other fruit, there are different types of peaches that you can choose to purchase when visiting the Hunts Point Market. At E. Armata Inc., we take pride in the produce that we bring to the table. If you’re someone who typically skips out on peaches, we implore you to reconsider during August. There is no better way to celebrate National Peach Month than by buying and consuming one of the below types of peaches that we distribute:

  • Yellow.
  • White.
  • Donut.   


The Nutritional Value Of Peaches

When individuals are trying to lose weight or just live a healthier lifestyle overall, the first thing you should consider is changing up your dietary habits. Although exercise is vital for this process, what you eat also plays a large role in your overall wellness. Fortunately, when you come to the Hunts Point Market, there are many nutritious and delicious options to select from. However, for August, we recommended putting a focus on peaches. Some of the benefits of this fruit can include the following:

  • They are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.
  • Helps with digestion.
  • It can improve your heart health.
  • May reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Protects against certain types of cancer.  


Hunts Point Market

Here at E. Armata Inc., our team has been a staple of the Hunts Point Market for many years. Our distribution company comes from humble beginnings, as our founder started by selling lemons out of a satchel. We’ve seen exponential growth since those times, as our commitment to excellence is second to none. For those looking to celebrate National Peach Month, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not purchasing this fruit from our team! 


Contact Us

During the last full month of summer, it is not uncommon for people to cram as many celebrations into August as possible. Now that you know it is National Peach Month, you can add one more celebration to the list! To learn more about the peaches we distribute, or any other facts about our business, make sure you contact us here at E. Armata Inc. today!

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