National Pepper Month

It’s National Pepper Month

With November being National Pepper Month, it is time to shine some spotlight on these incredibly healthy, highly nutritious, delicious fruits, and yes, they are in fact technically fruits and not vegetables because they contain seeds. Peppers come in different shapes and sizes, and they each have their distinct tastes and a crunch to them. Peppers come in vibrant colors such as red, green, yellow, and orange. Some peppers are spicy and pack heat, while others are sweet. Peppers are enjoyed in various ways either in sweet and salty meals and can be found fresh, frozen, or in cans. Add peppers to your recipes for National Pepper Month for a healthy, fresh addition to your meals. Red peppers are on the vine longest and they are the most nutritious out of the pepper family. Red peppers have more beta-carotene and vitamin C than green peppers which are harvested much earlier.

Read below to find out the interesting benefits of eating peppers:

  1. Peppers are very low calorie, there are roughly 40 calories in a cup of pepper which makes them a great snack.
  2. Peppers are packed with vitamin A and C and Vitamin C will keep your skin looking young and glowing.
  3. Capsaicin is a chemical component that is found in chili peppers which can reduce bad cholesterol, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and help control diabetes.
  4. Another vitamin found in peppers is Vitamin B6 which aids in nervous system health and renewing of cells.
  5. Bell peppers contain lutein which protects eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration.

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Types of peppers available:

Celebrating National Pepper Month

Head to a grocery store or a local food market today and pick up a variety of peppers for National Pepper Month to add to your breakfast, lunch, dinner this month or enjoy them as a sweet and crunchy snacks that will provide your body with all of the health benefits and vitamins peppers have to offer.