When you think of Halloween, candy is the first thing that comes to mind. Halloween tends to involve a lot of sugar, between all the sweets you bought for the holiday and all the candy your kids will bring home after trick-or-treating. Whether you’re planning a Halloween bash or want some healthy treats on hand, E. Armata Inc. has the best fresh produce at the Hunts Point Market. Continue reading to discover some of our favorite healthy Halloween treats! 

Top 10 Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is a great time to indulge in delicious candy and fall treats. However, it’s easy to overdo it with sugar. While every diet has room for treats in moderation, you can still enjoy the spooky season with healthy Halloween treats that the whole family will enjoy. Here are some of our favorite healthy Halloween snacks you can create with fresh produce from the Hunts Point Market:

  1. Banana Pops – Banana mummy pops are a healthy and adorable recipe that you can whip up quickly! All you need are bananas, white chocolate, and M&M’s. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and skewer four bananas with a lollipop stick. Freeze them until they are firm. Melt down some white chocolate, dip some bananas to coat, and place two M&M’s for eyes. You can create a mummy wrap by drizzling some extra white chocolate over the bananas. 
  2. Spooky Fruit Treats – You can turn a plain apple into a delightfully creepy treat. Slice up your favorite fall fruits and create faces using nuts, chocolate chips, candies, and more! 
  3. Snack Mix – Whip up a bowl of Halloween snack mix using snacks you have at home! Combine some heart-healthy nuts with popcorn and some other mini snacks like candy corn or pretzels in a container! 
  4. Carrot Fingers – Dress up an ordinary carrot and turn it into a spooky witch’s finger! Peel some fresh carrot sticks and place some sliced almonds to make a set of carrot fingers! Serve these up with your favorite vegetable dip. 
  5. Orange Pumpkins – Create tangy pumpkins by removing the peel from small oranges and top them with a small piece of celery for the stem! 
  6. Halloween Fruit Plate – Put together a fruit platter with kiwi, honeydew, grapes, cantaloupe, or other fresh fruits with candy eyeballs. 
  7. Pumpkin Spice Granola and Yogurt – These granola cups are a fun and healthy treat. The warm pumpkin spice flavor of the granola and yogurt will surely be a fall hit! 
  8. Vegetable Cauldron – You can create a spooky cauldron dip container by hollowing out a pumpkin or acorn squash. Fill it with your favorite dip and surround it with chopped peppers, carrots, and breadsticks to make it look like a fire. 
  9. Dipped Pretzel Ghosts – Microwave some white candy melts and dip pretzel sticks to create ghoulish pretzel ghosts. Draw some spooky ghost faces to wow your party guests! 
  10.  Jack-O’-Lantern Stuffed Peppers – Pumpkins are not the only vegetable you can carve! For a fun appetizer, cut a jack-o’-lantern face into a hollowed-out bell pepper and pack them with your favorite stuffed pepper ingredients! 

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While candy is an integral part of Halloween, you can also enjoy these spooky and healthy holiday treats to balance the sugar rush. If you are in need of fresh ingredients for your Halloween party, E. Armata Inc. has everything you need! To discover more healthy treat ideas and our selection at the Hunts Point Market, be sure to contact us today!

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