One of the easiest ways to save on fruits and vegetables is to buy what is in season and at its most plentiful. An added bonus of this shopping strategy is that produce always tastes better when in season and is harvested closer to the peak of freshness. At E. Armata Inc., our wholesale produce in NYC is incomparable. Our staff would like to share some information about the benefits of seasonal produce, so continue reading below to learn more! 

Is Produce In Season Cheaper?

One of the most important factors of food production is seasonality. The seasonality of produce varies based on the state or region. It’s essential for customers to be aware of what crops grow best during different seasons for a bountiful harvest so that they know what to look for when shopping for wholesale produce in NYC. There are several reasons to pay more attention to seasonal produce, including:

  • Seasonal Produce is Cheaper – Seasonal produce is generally cheaper than buying the same vegetables or fruits during their off-seasons. This is a result of supply and demand. Produce that is in season is plentiful, so it is sold at a lower price to maintain demand. Off-season produce is more expensive since it costs more to import from different regions. 
  • Better Taste – Seasonal produce often tastes better since it is being shipped more locally. These crops can be harvested at their peak freshness. Buying in-season produce is also a great way to broaden your horizons and expand your menu. 
  • In-Season Produce is Healthier – Produce grown and harvested during their appropriate seasons are nutritionally dense, as they can follow their natural growing and ripening process. 

Even though E. Armata Inc. has a vast assortment of fruits and vegetables year-round, purchasing in-season produce saves you money without sacrificing quality. 

Contact Us For Wholesale Produce in NYC

If you are interested in exploring seasonal produce for your business, E. Armata Inc. sources top-quality seasonal produce from growers across the country to satisfy our customers’ needs. You can experience several benefits when buying seasonal wholesale produce in NYC, and the low price of these products helps you save money. To learn more about our available in-season produce or for other general inquiries, be sure to contact E. Armata Inc. today!

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