You may only think about cranberries around Thanksgiving, but this powerful superfood has several health benefits you can enjoy all year round. At E. Armata Inc., we are a leader among produce distributors at the Hunts Point Produce Market. We distribute fresh fruits, including cranberries, all year round for our customers to enjoy. Our team would like to share some of the numerous benefits of eating cranberries, so continue reading to learn more! 

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Cranberries?

Cranberries are considered by many to be a superfruit since they are a powerhouse of antioxidants and nutrients. These tart berries go beyond your favorite cocktail or Thanksgiving side dish. While most people enjoy cranberries in the form of a juice, fresh cranberries from the Hunts Point Produce Market are packed with numerous health benefits that can improve your diet. Here are some of the benefits of eating cranberries:

  • Inflammation – Since cranberries are packed with antioxidants, they have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Digestive Health – The compounds found in cranberries can put good bacteria into your digestive system and boost your digestive health. 
  • Heart Health – Cranberries can help lower your blood pressure and improve your cholesterol levels, which improves your overall heart health. 
  • Cavity Prevention – The a-type proanthocyanidins can help prevent bacteria from forming in the mouth. Cranberries can help prevent cavities and other oral health problems by controlling harmful acids in the mouth. 
  • UTI Management – If you are someone who is prone to UTIs, it can be beneficial to add cranberries to your diet, as this is one of the most well-known benefits of this fruit. 

There are plenty of ways to incorporate fresh cranberries into your diet. From trail mix to adding cranberries to oatmeal or salad, you can experience benefits that help your body. 

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With powerful nutrients and proven health benefits, cranberries can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. If you’re considering adding fresh cranberries to your diet, E. Armata Inc. distributes this powerful superfood at the Hunts Point Produce Market. To learn more about the benefits of cranberries or for general inquiries, be sure to contact us today! 

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