Pears are a delicious and versatile fruit that come in many different varieties. Whether the pear ripens or if you prefer to have it eaten raw, they still taste delicious. Simply put, they are great for eating! At E. Armata Inc.., our fruit department sources produce globally. We are proud to offer the tastiest and freshest produce delivery in NYC. Continue reading to learn more about the different kinds of pears we distribute to our customers. If you’re interested in our distribution services, please click here.

What Are The Different Types?

When it comes to pear types, there are several delicious kinds of pears available for produce delivery in NYC throughout the year from our facility. Most people are only familiar with Bartlett or Anjou pears because these varieties are commonly seen in most grocery stores. However, much like apples, pears come in a wide variety of flavors that each offer their own unique eating experience. Here are some of the different pear varieties.


From August through January, this is the most common variety you will find. The green-gold pear boasts the quintessential pear flavor we know and love. Bartlett pears are great for baking or canning. Red bartlett pears are much sweeter than the gold variety, and are similarly good for preserving. If you prefer sweeter fruits, red bartletts may be better for eating out of hand. 


Like the Bartlett pears, Anjou’s come in green and red. The Green Anjou boasts a mellow, citrusy sweet flavor that is delicious to eat raw. They also hold up when cooked or baked. The Red Anjou is similar in size and texture to the green variety, but this pear is sweeter and more mild. Instead of citrus notes, there are subtle hints of spice. Anjou pears are also smooth skinned, which is one of their identifiable traits. 


Asian pears are sweet and crisp. They usually have brown or green skin and are more round. They have a crunchier texture that makes them popular for eating fresh, but they are also tasty in baked dishes. 


Bosc or Kaiser pears have a longer and more slender neck than other pear types. This brown pear has a rougher texture and can have some hints of green or yellow. Bosc pears are sweet and crisp. If your recipe calls for poached pears, these are ideal because they hold their shape well. 


Comice pears have a very juicy flesh and they have an almost “earthy” type of flavor to them. Their shape is usually what stands out with them, as they are rounded and possess a short neck.


Seckel pears are also a highly juicy fruit and they even carry a hint of vanilla in their taste. Many people consider seckel pears to be more of a “dessert” pear.

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At E. Armata Inc., you can be sure that you are getting some of the freshest produce delivery in NYC. We work closely with our shippers and customers to provide the most delicious pears year round. If you’d like to learn more about the different pear varieties we offer,  contact our team today!

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