Health Benefits Of Eating Eggplants

Starting this summer, why not make a conscious effort to improve your eating habits? At E. Armata Inc., we understand the importance of incorporating more fruit and vegetables into your diet. That is why we only distribute the highest quality produce to the Hunts Point Market. The next time you travel to this facility, we recommend you purchasing our nutrient-rich eggplants. To learn more about the benefits of eating this vegetable, please consult with a member of our team


High In Antioxidants

When you choose to consume eggplants, you’ll be eating a vegetable that is high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that work to protect your body from damage caused by what are known as free radicals. They can also help fight against the development of chronic diseases, making eggplants the perfect item to purchase when traveling to the Hunts Point Market.


Reducing The Risk Of Heart Disease

The heart is the most important organ in your body. It is responsible for pumping blood throughout your body, and any issues to it can cause serious complications. That is why keeping your heart protected is so critical. Fortunately, eating eggplants can help maintain good heart health. Studies have shown that those eating eggplants are linked to having lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. High levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides can lead to the onset of heart disease, which indicates why eating eggplants can be so beneficial.  


Helping With Blood Sugar

Those who are living with blood sugar issues should seriously consider adding more eggplants to their diet. Eggplants are high in fiber, and fiber helps to slow digestion and sugar absorption into the body. Having high blood sugar levels can be devastating to your health, which is why you need to do everything in your power to regulate these issues. By purchasing our eggplants from the Hunts Point Market, you may be able to help manage your blood sugar levels better. 


Additional Benefits 

Eggplants are one of the most nutritional vegetables that you can purchase. Consuming them comes along with many benefits, which is why you should head over to the Hunts Point Market to pick some up now. Additional benefits of eating eggplants that we have yet to mention can include the following:

  • Aides in weight loss.
  • It can prevent certain types of cancer.
  • Eggplant can be incorporated into many different dishes.


E. Armata Inc. – Hunts Point Market

Here at E. Armata Inc., our team has spent years fostering a commitment to distributing the highest quality of produce available. The next time you visit the Hunts Point Market, consider our wide array of produce, especially if you’re looking for eggplants. For more information on the benefits of eggplants, be sure to contact us today.

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