The warmth of summer has finally set in, and the grilling season is in full swing! Cooking vegetables from the Hunts Point Produce Market on the grill brings forward an irresistible flavor for your next barbecue! E. Armata Inc. is a family-run produce wholesaler that has been serving our customers for over 100 years and takes great pride in our outstanding summer vegetable selection. Continue reading to discover some of our favorite veggies to bring to your summer BBQ! 

Best Vegetables for a Summer BBQ

Meat has always been the center of attention during barbecue season, but summer is the perfect time to brighten up your plate with in-season summer fruits and vegetables. Veggies may make an appearance as a side dish, but you can turn them into the main attraction during grilling season. Here are some of our favorite summer vegetables available at the Hunts Point Produce Market you can enjoy at your next BBQ:

  • Bell Peppers – You can grill bell peppers whole or quarter them for skewers! Char your bell peppers on the grill for about 4 minutes until they are blackened, then let them steam for around 10 minutes. You’ll be left with smoky and delicious fire-roasted peppers! 
  • Onions – Grilled onions should be a staple at your BBQ! Slice the onions into rounds, and place them on the grill for around 5 minutes to get enough char, then flip to cook the other side for a minute. 
  • Roasted Garlic – While garlic is not traditionally associated with barbecues, you can easily roast garlic on the grill and bring more flavor to your dishes! All you need is aluminum foil and olive oil. Simply slice the top off an entire bulb of garlic, place it on foil, and drizzle it with oil. Then wrap up the garlic and put it on the grill for around 40 minutes. 

Grilling your vegetables brings out every ounce of deep, roasted flavor and makes for a tasty and nutritious addition to your barbecue!

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