At E. Armata, we are passionate about providing the highest of quality fresh fruit and produce to our customers. Located at the Hunts Point Market in the Bronx, NY, we are committed to making sure our facilities and distribution centers exceed the city of New York’s standards. One of the main attributes to our company is our GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, certification. Not only does E. Armata meet the requirements of GMP certification, but we continuously achieve 100 percent Superior Rating. In other words, we fully comply with and exceed all New York cities sanitation laws and food-safety initiatives. So you can be confident in knowing that not only is our produce and fruit always fresh, but our facilities are always well-maintained, immaculate, and organized. Visit our Hunts Point Market today to get a firsthand look of our GMP certified facility. Continue reading to learn more about the GMP certification and why it’s so important.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Receiving a GMP certificate signifies and ensures to the public that products are being manufactured, produced, and controlled in a consistent manner that meets quality standards. The GMP certification covers all aspects from the production and distribution phases to the personal hygiene of its employees. In order to achieve a GMP accreditation, detailed proof of the various daily step-by-step procedures is mandatory.

Why is it Important?

Without the GMP certificate, it’s hard to determine whether a company is being fully compliant with the sanitation standards. Especially when it comes to food, you want to be reassured that the products you are purchasing and consuming are being distributed from a place that goes above and beyond all the necessary requirements. At E. Armata you can rest assured we take health standards very seriously. Our facilities and delivery trucks not only abide by the sanitary laws, but we are constantly upgrading to the latest technologies.

Hunts Point Market

Come on down and come visit us at our Hunts Point Market in the Bronx, NY! We offer nothing but the freshest and highest quality produce and fruit! And best of all, you can enjoy knowing our products are 100% GMP certified.

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