Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it is a time to celebrate with friends, family, and those closest to you. Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and most importantly feasting on the delicious foods that Thanksgiving offers. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy are the staple foods of Thanksgiving but many other meals could be made during this time, especially all the fall produce that is available at the Hunts Point Market. Fall produce can be incorporated into favorite recipes but also creating new ones to serve for the perfect Thanksgiving feast.

Hunts Point Market offers the best variety of fall produce available. They supply anyone from retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, mom and pop stores to the top supermarkets in the area. During this time of the year, Hunts Point Market offers only the best and freshest fall produce. Their produce comes from all around the world, in planes, boats, trucks to supply you with exactly what you are looking for.

Below is a list of popular fall produce items perfect for Thanksgiving:


Apples– can be used for baked goods such as apple pie, cocktails, or as a topping for savory dishes. Apples can be used in many dishes since they are a versatile fruit.

Pears– can be used for baking or poaching since they hold their shape, pears can also be used in salads.

Cranberries– best when used with other fruits because of their tartness.

Pomegranate– used for a garnish on different meals, can be eaten as a snack or extracted for juice.

Pumpkin– can be used for pumpkin pie, pancakes, cornbread, and more fall recipes. Best to bake full pumpkin first then scoop out the inside.

Figs– great for baking or tossed in a salad.


Brussel Sprouts– can be steamed or roasted, popular side dish veggie.

Butternut Squash– can be subbed for sweet potato, great in soups, or side dishes.

Turnips– can used raw, boiled, steamed, or mashed.

Broccoli– a very popular side dish, can be steamed, baked, and roasted.

Visit The Hunts Point Market

There are many recipes for savory meals and desserts that can be made using the fruits and vegetables mentioned above. Visit the Hunts Point Market to get the freshest, fall produce for your Thanksgiving recipes.

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