Opinions on mushrooms tend to be polarizing: You either love them or hate them. But really, mushrooms are perhaps one of the best natural food groups out there! At E.Armata Inc, located at the Hunts Point Produce Market, we supply over a dozen different mushroom varieties, each of which are packed with their own health benefits and flavor. By working alongside the top growers and shippers worldwide, E. Armata Inc. provides the freshest and highest quality mushrooms for your enjoyment. 

Benefits of Mushrooms:

Here are just a few of the reasons that you should cook with mushrooms.

They May Lower Blood Pressure

  • A great substitute for red meat in many recipes which has been linked to coronary heart disease.
  • Low in sodium.
  • Contains potassium which relaxes blood vessels and reduces pressure.

Strengthen Bones

  • High amounts of calcium
  • UVB mushrooms (those exposed to light during growth) contain vitamin D

Provides Protein & Immune Support

  • Great Vegetarian Protein Source
  • High in selenium – a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and protects cells


What mushrooms can be found at the Hunts Point Produce Market:

With year-round suppliers, we make sure that you have access to any kind of mushroom. Having such a large selection makes it easy to try new recipes and get creative with your next menu. You can purchase any of these items fresh at Hunts Point Produce Market.

  • White: The most common mushroom used for cooking, commonly used in soups, salads, or pizzas. White mushrooms have a mild taste, and can be consumed either raw or cooked. 
  • Crimini: These mushrooms are young portabellas, or “baby bellas”, and are considerably darker, firmer, and more flavorful than white mushrooms. 
  • Portabella: Popular in Italian cooking, these mushrooms make a great meat substitute and can be a great addition to sauces for pasta dishes.  
  • Shiitake: These brown mushrooms have a rich, savory flavor and are prized for their generous nutritional value. Compounds found in these mushrooms can improve heart health, and boost immunity. 
  • Oyster: Commonly found in Asian soups and stir-frys. Oyster mushrooms have a delicate flavor and are white, fan-shaped mushrooms. 
  • Trumpet / King Oyster Cello: These mushrooms have a thick, meaty stem and are native to parts of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. 
  • Beech Brown: Having a sweet, nutty taste these mushrooms are popular in a variety of soups and stir-fries. 
  • Beech White: When cooked, this mushroom has an impressive crunchy texture and rich nutty taste. 
  • Enoki: Native in China, enoki mushrooms can be consumed raw or cooked. They have a unique look, having small, white caps attached to long, thin stems. 
  • Maitake: These mushrooms are commonly sold in clusters due to their overlapping soft caps. Native in the northwestern United States and Japan, Maitake mushrooms have an earthy taste and aroma. 
  • Porcini: One of the most popular wild mushrooms, porcini are reddish-brown in color and have a woodsy flavor and smooth texture. 
  • Morels: This hard-to-find exotic mushroom has a unique meaty texture and nutty flavor, and is often served in expensive, fancy dishes.   
  • Chanterelles: These golden mushrooms have a fleshy, rounded cap and are commonly served sautéd in butter.
  • Truffles: The black variety of truffles have a strong taste, similar to that of a black olive. The white variety of truffles are harder to find and are considered a luxury food item.
  • Lobster: These mushrooms have a similar color to cooked lobster meat, and even have a seafood-like aroma when cooked. 

E. Armata Inc. is proud to carry all of these varieties at Hunts Point Produce Market. If you have any questions about our offerings, are interested in our wholesale delivery services, or want more information about us, be sure to contact us or visit us at Hunts Point Produce Market today.

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